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For PERMANENT hair removal Electrolysis is your number one option. It is the one method with the distinction of achieving truly permanent hair removal.

Consultations are free and with no obligation. Our consultation explains the electrology process, your questions will be answered, a sample of our electrolysis treatment (in the area of your choice) will be offered. Additional information may also be provided upon request.

This machinery utilizes micro–pulsed current, which makes for a fast, accurate and comfortable treatment.  We offer the thermolysis technique. Permanent, safe, and professional hair removal for all parts of the body. Electrolysis is safe and effective on all skin types and  hair textures for both men and women.


The only proven permanent way to remove hair. 

  An end to ingrown hairs

A permanent alternative to temporary "home remedies" 

If you select Electrolysis at Allure permanent hair removal, your only regret will be that you didn't start sooner.  Call for a consultation (940) 594-3541 and see what a great improvement Electrolysis can have for your skin and self–confidence.  

Skin Care

Facials provide a gentle and relaxing way to cleanse the skin of embedded dirt, grime, and other particles, improve blood circulation and skin elasticity, and anhance the body's skin renewal process. A facial will not only feel good, it will help you maintain youthful, healthy looking skin.

We offer nourishing facial treatments provided by licensed and skilled estheticians. After a thorough examination and analysis we deeply cleanse and condition your skin with aromatic products specifically selected for your skin.    

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